Thursday, July 17

And now for something completely different...

Double post today because the first post was so crap!

I often find myself thinking about how a game did something and how it could do it better. For the record, as one of the great unwashed these thoughts are completely independent of any real world requirements of coding, systems or feasibility. My first musing on what works can be found here. Sometimes I think of what I'd like to see in a video game that I've yet to encounter in my travels. Here where I present one of those thoughts.

I want to see a game where the shoulder buttons represent each of the character's (avatar's) limbs. R1 for right arm, R2 for right leg, L1 for left arm and L2 for left leg. The face buttons (square, circle, triangle and cross) are used to change 'stance', loosely defined as the way in which the limbs act. Essentially they change the context of limb use (rather than relying on the environment to do this), press the button once to get into the stance assigned to it, press it again to return to the default stance. Finally, I'd like there to be many more stances available for assignment than the default five, they can be grouped into categories - though I'd prefer they weren't - but I want to be able to customise my play experience as much as possible.

Here's how it would work…

Default stance: Movement

Alternate L2, R2 to walk, run and sprint. Frequency of button presses represents speed of movement. If the button presses are flubbed the avatar stumbles and maybe trips. Press both buttons together for a jump.
Pick things up, manipulate things (switches etc.) with L1 and R1. Climb something you can grab with both buttons together. If nothing to climb, do a handstand with both buttons pressed simultaneously.
Do a cartwheel by pressing, L1, L2, R2, R1 (did I get that right?). Do a series of flips by pressing R2 + L2, followed by R1 + L1. Flubbing the button presses results in a potential accident such as falling, slipping, or tripping per the base running, walking movement above.

Stance suggestions;

Stealth - a variant of the movement stance above. Crawling, going prone, pressing against a wall, hiding inside objects all described using the same button sequences as described above. But applying them differently. Eg a prone position can be initiated by pressing all four shoulder buttons at the same time.

Unarmed combat - Punching, kicking, blocking, tripping, grappling and so forth. Multiple combat styles possible.

Armed combat - Guns, knives, swords, clubs, crowbars, wrenches well you get the idea. Imagine a double fisted gun stance that has one gun in each hand, a reticle for each gun keyed to the left and right sticks respectively. This isn't going to be easy to control, it's just the kind of thing that's possible. The L/R2 buttons might represent strafe left and right in this kind of mode, and a sixaxis controller could handle turning and moving forward and backwards. (This includes the 360 because if the rumours of a pending motion controller for that system are confirmed then it's possible there too).

Social - Each shoulder button could represent an emotional response (happy, sad, loving, hateful, angry, calm, indifferent) when in conversations.

Switching stances is easy, pressing the face button that represents the assigned stance and you'll switch to that stance, press it again and you'll switch to the default stance.

And that's it.

Do you have ideas of your own? Do you want to share them? Do you like / hate this one? I'll post others that I have percolating away in my brain in future posts, so come back if you're interested in stealing this or any of my other ideas!

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