Wednesday, July 30


Mere moments before I get my cotton picking little hands on Soulcalibur IV, a game I have eagerly awaited, I wonder at what other - coming Real Soon Now™ - games ding my thing.

Fable 2 (Xbox 360 exclusive)
Molyneux promises much and delivers little so I am highly skeptical of this game. That the primary quest takes only 12 hours suggests that the game lacks depth (just like the first) and that this time I will not take the plunge. I'll adopt a wait and see approach for it with a likely refusal pending delivery of potential.

Braid (XBLA)
Jonathan Blow (the game's designer) is much maligned by Kotaku for his controversial views on gaming. Reason enough for interest. His views interest me, I don't agree with all of what he says, but he is sufficiently different in his thinking to suggest that this game will be a breath of fresh air in the constant stream of shooters.

Valkyria Chronicles (PS3 exclusive)
I love turn based strategy games particularly if they are deep, complex and require much micro-management. Disgaea 3 is on my must buys. Valkyria Chronicles is a turn based strategy title with a difference, mirroring the gameplay of Eternal Sonata but in a 'strategy' context (ie. battlefields filled with many opponents). And it looks beautiful.

The Last Guy (PSN)
2D Zombie survival horror with the 'levels' represented by Google Earth. I've started a list of places I want survive such as my own neighbourhood and several famous landmarks for interest. I wonder whether I can use the Liberty City Map in Google Earth for this game, fusing GTA IV and zombie survival horror? (<- rhetorical).

PixelJunk Eden (PSN)
Art style, play style, concept - all these attributes of the game appeal. It looks a little like a study in games as meditation and even that appeals to me. It's a quirky title that oozes originality and will therefore be something of a hit and miss affair with buyers.

Heavy Rain (PS3 Exclusive)
Farenheit / Indigo Prophecy was disappointing. However, the ideas within it, the ideas espoused by Quantic Dream (the developer) and the digital audition for this game have all served to whet my appetite for more.

Faith and a .45 (multi platform)
I'm not expecting big things from this title because it isn't heavily hyped. I really like the name and the concept as offers a fresh perspective on the two-man co-op approach to shooters. Something about playing inside of a relationship akin to Bonnie and Clyde is appealing - finally a shooting game with style instead of raging machismo - fucking sick of the machismo shit.

Final Fantasy XIII Versus (PS3 exclusive)
While I am interested in plain XIII, it is Versus that has me palpitating. This is because it's something of a diversion from the typical approach Square Enix has taken in the past. As an Action RPG it could be shit (think Dirge of Cerberus) or something special (think next gen upgrade of Kingdom Hearts without the nauseating cuteness).

FlOwer (PSN)
Playing a wind blowing petals across a landscape to open more flowers? Weird.

There are other games I either want to get or am interested in, the ones above just represent my curiosity meter flicking past 11 when the maximum is only 10. Are there games out there that pique your interest? I am particularly interested in those titles that interest you because of some quirk or refreshing perspective rather than known franchise titles that will probably sell millions regardless of quality, originality or passion.


Daedalist said...

I wonder whether I can use the Liberty City Map in Google Earth for this game, fusing GTA IV and zombie survival horror? (<- rhetorical).
Well, the GTA franchise is already horrific, so you're one third of the way there ;-)

nobody said...

Typical. The first and only time I mark a question as rhetorical and some smart-arse has to go and answer it. Good thing I know where you live.

BRK said...

I'm keen on Fable 2 and also Heavy Rain because I'd also like to see a more polished version of Farenheit.

Too Human looked interesting when last looked into it, judging by the interviews I've read with developers.

I'm massively keen on Silent Hill V (please don't suck) and FFXIII (please be a decent X-Box port).

And Fallout 3.

Also, there's some Mistwalker and Squeenix stuff in the pipeline (Cry On, Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery)that looks promising.

nobody said...

Hmm, for the most part your list is filled with established franchises. Are there any "new" games, new intellectual properties that interest you? Or do you only hear about these things through your friends and only then become interested?

I'm wondering if this is an example of poor marketing or something else, perhaps you're a very conservative gamer with limited tastes? I'm not trying to bait you here just wondering why Too Human is the only really new IP in your list.