Wednesday, July 30

Where ignorance is bliss…

I know that I'm ignorant. It is a function of my intellect and my circumstances. I quite like being ignorant because it means that I can learn, discover, uncover and explore in ways I didn't realise or couldn't articulate well. The truth is we're all ignorant, even the somebodies of the world, as nobody can know everything.

I believe that wisdom is never folly and I appreciate a good oxymoron, such as self love.

This relates to my comparisons of my own musings to those of others. My language, my rhetoric if you will, is inadequate when examine it in the harsh light of intelligent bloggers. This isn't an issue of confidence, it's real and tangible. In my discussion of Mass Effect and Uncharted I explored my enjoyment of these games in spite of their inadequacies to fulfill my desire for the ideal game. Dissatisfaction with the game and yet enjoying is…there's a word for it…and I lack the vocabulary. I suppose I could reach for the Thesaurus but that would defeat the purpose of this blog, let alone the post.

Over at Versus Clu Clu Land "Iriquois Pliskin" articulates much that I cannot. In particular, he explores Trash, Art and Games and it is this very exploration that properly articulates much of what I fumbled around in my awkward discussions of fun versus what I want. I am grateful that he writes what he does so that I can name some of those feelings I waffle on about in my posts. I think I might have levelled up recently though - choosing a point of intelligence - because in the past I found his posts challenging to read. I believe that I miss much of the information in there and fear commenting because I know that I will look foolish and ignorant. I don't mind how I appear, what stops me is my desire to contribute meaningfully and my awareness that the chances I can do so are limited but not non-existent. Although secretly, don't tell anyone, I think Mr Pliskin has recently chosen a more conversational tone and I am grateful for that as I can now visit with impunity, my insecurities can lay dormant for another day.

In this way I learn more of who I am, I can name a little more of the maelstrom.

If you stumbled here thinking this was just a blog about video games then you're not looking deep enough. What Thomas Gray said.

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