Monday, July 14

Why no Wii love?

You've probably noticed by now that I don't really discuss Nintendo's Wii.

The short answer for this is because I don't have ready access to one. There's more to it though.

I admire what Nintendo has done with the Wii. Aaron Greenberg, a Microsoft somebody - apparently - erroneously thinks that the motion controller is a gimmick. If Microsoft can find a new way for people to relate to games that is as intuitive (or more so) than the Wii controller, then all they'll have to do is make sure at least they understand how to publish games to take advantage of the feature and they can start printing money.

The Wii isn't for me.

I never grew up around Nintendo stuff. I have no burning desire to revisit those memories with fan service games likes Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Consequently I don't solicit more information or access to such a device to broaden my understanding of what's on offer. The games the Wii offers aren't to my taste. That doesn't mean I think they're bad games, just not the kind of time wasters I want to waste my time with.

Oh, and for the most part, irritatingly cutesy things like the Mii, just make me want to scream, shout, and smash. While I won't turn green and tear my clothes to shreds, I might smash the offending purveyor of nauseating muck.

All this may change. Many recent games for the Wii appear to have a darker and more mature styling to them. If this trend continues then there might be enough to entice me. But that's not for a good while yet.

Until then, you will just have to tolerate my limited understanding, and limited vision. A nobody like me doesn't necessarily have access to all the latest, greatest and funkiest do-dats available.

Don't let that stop you from sharing your Wii stories, okay?

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