Thursday, August 28

Why blog?

Little Minstrel - with his ghastly, horrifying avatar that makes me want to dual wield a nail gun and chainsaw to correct this aberration - and I were politely discussing blogging as a means for personal expression like civilised, mature adults. He asked me why and I offered some of my reasons. I didn't mention the one gaming link so I'll put it here.

I've also really wanted to pimp for such a long, long time. In particular I love to pretend I'm a student at a game design school and vicariously participate in the Game Design Challenge. I sent an entry in for the first one and then James Portnow detailed how many hours he spent going through the entries and I stopped sending them in. I still do them though. Fun!

One of the articles there chastised a student who wanted to pimp herself to games developers for not pimping herself in other media. In particular the somebody who handled this piece googled her name and could find nothing. It was a moment that made me stop and think. I had tried LiveJournal and I had tried blogging my life (and what a boring load of shit it is too!). Instead I took Jill Duffy's advice and focussed on what might be something I'd show other people. Something I might show to a prospective employer, an academic acquaintance, a stranger who shared similar interests. Strangely I'd thought that this would never, ever happen. I've even deliberately chosen a name for this blog that reflects how irrelevant I am in the grand scheme of things. Yet, since I started this blog I've done all three. Go figure!

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