Monday, September 8

Braid - Impressions

There's this problem with Braid, you see. I really would like to relate my impressions about this game here, but I can't. You see, I don't actually own an Xbox 360 and am at the mercy of my philanthropic friends for their patronage. Unfortunately my subtle hint earlier in this post fell on deaf ears. They're comparatively wealthy too. I hope they get the hint this time!

Just in case I wasn't clear.

Dear [insert your name here],

Please buy Braid so that I may play it. I don't mind if you enjoy it too. Just think of all the children that read this site and will miss out on the chance to vicariously experience this game without your kindness. That somebody wannabe Iriquois Pliskin thinks you'll enjoy it, but then again he loves MGS2 so his analytic qualities are questionable and definitely not conventional! You should ignore that established somebody Michael Abott's whining about Braid's difficulty as he is clearly deficient and should you encounter similar problems you can rest easy in the knowledge that I will be there to assist you.

Gratefully yours,


Let's face it, the only people visiting this blog are my friends, so this is directed at YOU!



Little Minstrel said...

I hope whomever it is will buy you the game. I'm almost certain that you would have much to say about it!

nobody said...

Actually, I fear the opposite. Michael Abbott found it at odds with itself and I respect and admire his opinion and fear sharing it.

I also hope that my friends see this post for what it is and have the presence of mind to make their own choices not influenced by my feeble attempts at humour. Of course I wouldn't mind if they bought the game either!